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Union Hypocrisy is now available

“Union Hypocrisy” is divided into multiple sections, each providing a look inside the current union movement. Information includes how unions react when their own employees want union representation, unions that sell out their own employees, and the history of the ties between unions and the Democratic Party.

A major focus of “Union Hypocrisy” is how unions have transformed from a movement that fought for workers’ rights into an association that now puts other objectives in front of union workers. It also examines the relationship between organized labor and political parties.

“Nobody has written a book like this before. ‘Union Hypocrisy’ includes actual documents, along with an untold history that insiders usually do not talk about, all which confirm the claims I make in the book,” says Smith. “I was inspired to write this book because of my experiences with the union from both sides. I was with the Teamsters for 16 years, and since 2007, I have been working as a labor consultant for various companies.”

Written in the nature of political authors Laura Ingraham and Michelle Malkin, Smith mixes political and business tones to give readers involved in labor unions, or interested in the labor movement, a creative outlook that is unique for a book of this subject matter.


Union Hypocrisy, by Rebecca Smith


This is a fascinating, powerful book, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it! Personally, I have heard of some of the shenanigans unions have pulled, but the content of this manuscript is a real eye-opener—especially for readers like me who have been generally supportive of unions.

The information you present is very compelling and told in a compelling way. I also think it is the right length: long enough to present all the content, short enough to keep readers’ interest!

Main Objective

Your manuscript quite effectively achieves your goal of illuminating the various ways in which unions do the opposite of what they have promised their members. You provide enough and a sufficient variety of examples to convince the reader that your view is quite valid.


I love how you started the book with your prologue. What an excellent way that is to illustrate your main point. That had a powerful impact on me—as I suspect it will on your readers.

Tone and Style

I really enjoyed the tone of voice you use in this book. Your sarcasm, when you use it, is delightful. I also enjoyed the cleverness of some of your passages, using images that enliven the text. One example: The unions are not only the ground force of the left movement, but the ATM as well.

Supplemental information

Your manuscript is clearly well-researched, which gives it a lot of impact.

—Joan, CreateSpace Editor

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About unionhypocrisy

Author of Union Hypocrisy. Spent 16 years in the Teamsters Union. R. M. Smith was a member of the Teamsters Union. She believed in what the union promoted until she discovered that the union she believed in did not exist. What existed were entities that were more consumed with protecting their own power than protecting its members. Unions that slammed corporations for anti-worker policies while enacting those same policies for the unions own employees. Unions who fight tooth and nail to prevent their own staff from unionizing and embrace “at will employment” while condemning companies that do the same. Dumping members into substandard contracts for the sole benefit of Union, Inc. Smith reveals union practices that harm their members and their staff thru employment policies and political agendas that unions pursue.

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